The Best Talk on Race I Have Ever Heard

In 2005 Carl Ellis gave a talk at the Desiring God National Conference called “The Sovereignty of God and Ethnic-Based Suffering.” At the time and to this day it is the most helpful, formative talk on race and Christianity I have ever heard. As a young white man I needed Dr. Ellis to open my eyes to the effects of the fall on people’s hearts and on cultural structures as it pertains to race and the abuse of power. His talk changed my perspective and made a significant difference in my life.

If you care about the events in Ferguson, MO, in New York, and the surrounding conflict, Ellis’s talk is so important. It will help you, especially those who are white, to have a deeper understanding of oppression, suffering, and their effects on individuals and society. Please watch this, and if you don’t have time please bookmark it to watch it later. It is a bit long at just over an hour, but it is worth it. It is not the impassioned plea some will want. It is not an excoriation. But is excellent. Dr. Ellis is engaging and brilliant and you will, without question, benefit.


The Sovereignty of God and Ethnic-Based Suffering – Carl Ellis from Barnabas Piper on Vimeo.


Used with permission from Desiring God