A Frank Letter From Mary To Mark Lowry (Author Of “Mary Did You Know?”)

Dear Mr. Lowry,

Can I call you Mark? Do you ever go by “Marky”? Probably not. Unfortunately, that name hasn’t been used much since Mr. Wahlberg and his funky bunch.

I wanted to briefly comment on your wildly popular Christmas song, “Mary Did You Know?” Given that it was written to me and about me, I feel I may be able to answer the question that you ask approximately 900 times in the song.

In short, yes, I did know.

I can’t quite understand why this is so confusing.

How did I know? The angel told me.

Remember that part in the Bible? He told Joseph too, which is why he didn’t divorce me (thank GOODNESS!).

Plus, he told Zechariah, Elizabeth, and many Old Testament prophets. It was kind of common knowledge that the Messiah would do the things in your song.

Now don’t get me wrong. Every time I hear a church group perform “Mary Did You Know?” as special music (and I hear it A LOT), I feel honored.

But your song has also caused me some trouble. Every time I make a mistake, some joker will snicker and say, “Hey Mary, did you know?” It’s enough to make me want to slap them!

And Joseph won’t let me get away with anything. I forget one thing and he mutters under his breath, “Looks like you didn’t know.” It’s not like he’s the sharpest tool in the box, and yet he uses your song as ammunition against me.

People are always coming up to me and asking me stupid questions like, “Hey Mary, who’s going to win the Super Bowl?” I always smile politely but in my head I’m thinking, Keep this up and I’m going to have my Son come after you.

So I’m wondering if you could rewrite your song and title it, “Yes, Mary Knew, For The Sake Of All That’s Good and Holy, She Knew.”

I know it doesn’t have quite the same ring, but it’s closer to the truth.

I look forward to discussing this further with you.

Thank you for your time.



Hey, I'm Stephen Altrogge. I'm a dad and published author. I've written for The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, ERLC, Church Leaders, Crosswalk, and many more outlets. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook .