23 POWERFUL Ways To Humble Yourself And Be Blessed

Christians should be the most humble people on earth. It is absolutely right to humble yourself in the sight of God.

We should be humble because we have come to know something of God’s infinite greatness and our own unworthiness before him. We have come to understand that God is glorious, almighty, infinite, and omnipotent and that we are not.

Here are some reasons why we should humble ourselves before God and some suggestions on how to do it.

Why you should humble yourself before God

#1. Because Christ was humble and we should imitate him

In Philippians 2:5 it tells us that Christ did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but humbled himself to become like us. We also should humble ourselves just as Christ humbled himself.

#2. So that God can exalt you as he sees fit

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you” (James 4:10). The good news is that when you humble yourself, God promises that he will exalt you. If you want to receive God’s grace in a unique way, seek to consistently humble yourself in the sight of God.

#3. Because “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

We shouldn’t need any more reasons than this. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want God resisting me and I need all the grace I can get. I also want to receive as much grace as possible. How do I receive grace? By humbling myself before the Lord.

Charles Spurgeon put it this way:

humble yourself under the mighty hand of god

#4. Because there is safety in humility

Pride comes before a fall. The humble are less likely to fall, and if they do they don’t have as far to fall.

23 ways to humble yourself in God’s sight

how to humble yourself

#1. Contemplate the infinite greatness of God

He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lord, the one the angels tremble before. He controls all things and sustains the universe by the power of his word. There is no one as great or glorious as God.

#2. Consider your innumerable sins against God and the unbelievable mercy he’s poured out on you

This unbelievable reality should cause you to instinctively humble yourself before God. You are a sinner and have sinned time and time again against the living God. And yet he has been infinitely merciful to you. He put all your sins on Christ so that you could know him.

#3. Contemplate your human frailty

Your every breath and heartbeat, your eyes, ears, strength, and mental health are all from God. He could remove them at any time. Psalm 90 says that our lives are like dust, here today and gone tomorrow. Compare that to God, who is infinite, never changing, and always full of strength.

#4. Contemplate your complete inability to control a single thing in this life

If you want to be humbled before the Lord, consider the fact that you can’t ultimately control your heartbeat, the blessings and challenges you encounter, your health, your finances, or anything else. Yes, we take actions that have certain consequences, but ultimately, God controls every part of our lives.

#5. Realize that every good thing, talent, and gift you have is a gift from God which he could remove at any time

 God is incredibly gracious and has given you so many strengths and talents. But if he so desired, he could take these gifts away. This reality should bring you to your knees before the Lord.

#6. Contemplate that if God did not keep you from sin you’d plunge headlong into it

The reason we are convicted of sin and kept from temptation is that the Holy Spirit lives within us. If the Spirit did not dwell in us, we would have no power to fight sin and no ability to see how destructive it truly is. If God didn’t preserve us, we would quickly lose our salvation.

#7. Confess your sins and temptations to God and others

Few things are more humbling than admitting that you are weak. When you confess sins and temptations to others, you’re acknowledging that you need the Lord, as well as the support of those around you.

# 8. Ask forgiveness of those you sin against, even if they sinned against you first

Even if they don’t ask your forgiveness in return. To ask forgiveness is to admit that you are wrong, which is a powerful way to humble yourself. It’s saying that you need something from someone else – forgiveness.

# 9. Be quick to listen and slow to share your own opinions

A proud person always wants to spout their ideas and opinions and thoughts. The humble person listens to what others say, recognizing that God has given everyone spiritual gifts.

#10 – Don’t be so sure you’re right all the time

The reality is, only God knows all things. In fact, you (and I) know very little compared to the staggering amount of knowledge in the universe. To be convinced that we’re always right is both proud and stupid. Humble yourself before the Lord by admitting either that you don’t know or could be wrong.

#11. Consider that there are multitudes far more gifted and godly than you are

Make no mistake: God has given you unique gifts and is constantly shaping you into his image. But there are also many people who are more gifted than you in specific ways. There are also many men and women who are more godly. Remembering this helps keep you humble.

#12. Cultivate thankfulness

Thankfulness is an acknowledgment that you are the recipient of many gifts from God. You didn’t earn these gifts, and yet because God loves you so much, he gave them to you.

#13. Contemplate your many areas of weakness

Weakness is different than sin. For example, maybe you don’t have the capacity to serve like some people. Or maybe you have a hard time opening up to people. When you consider your weaknesses, it’s a humbling reminder that you’re not perfect.

#14. Realize you’re dispensable

This isn’t meant to be a morbid meditation, but more along the lines of Psalm 90 which calls us to remember the brevity of our days. Neither you (nor I) is indispensable when it comes to God’s plans. If you died today, things would go on just fine without you.

#15. Realize that the things that bother you about others may be things you do as well

Jesus spoke about trying to remove the splinter from someone else’s eye when you have a huge log hanging out of your own eye. It’s quite possible that the things which annoy you about other people are the very things you do yourself.

#16. Invite constructive criticism

It’s not particularly fun to invite criticism into your life, but it can be tremendously helpful when it comes to being humbled before the Lord. When others constructively criticize you, it helps you realize that you’re not perfect and that you have ways to grow.

#17. Serve others

Jesus said that true greatness and serving others go hand in hand. If you want to be great in God’s eyes, pursue the low, humble road. Instead of trying to fight your way to the top, pursue the road of humility. Wash others’ feet. Take on lowly jobs in your church.

#18. Take an interest in others

A proud person is only interested in spouting their opinions and telling people about themselves. Humility involves taking a deep and sincere interest in the lives of others. As it says in Philippians, consider others more important than yourself.

#19. Pray consistently

Prayer is an act of dependence and humility. When you pray, you’re saying to God, “I can’t make it without you. I need you to sustain me today. I need you to give me grace. I need you to help me overcome the challenges I’m facing.” Prayer is a declaration of weakness and an acknowledgment that you need God’s sustaining grace.

#20. Ask for help, wisdom, and prayer from others

When you admit to others that you need help and prayer, it is an act of humility. You are acknowledging that they have knowledge and insight that you don’t. You are

#21. When others compliment you, thank them, then give all the glory to God in silent prayer

This is a simple way of taking a situation where you may be tempted to pride and turning it into an opportunity to glorify God. Instead of focusing on how awesome you are, it’s a way to give honor to God.

#22. Rejoice when others are promoted, praised, or honored

This one is particularly challenging but especially powerful. Rejoicing when others are honored puts your focus on someone else instead of yourself.

#23. Regularly contemplate the cross

Nothing should humble us more than the perfect, sinless, Son of God willingly pouring out his life to rescue those who hated him and rebelled against him. At the cross, the glorious Son of God died so that you could receive eternal life and joy in him. Isn’t that glorious, humbling news?

Why should you humble yourself? Because it honors God. Because Christ humbled himself. Because God gives grace to you when you humble yourself.

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