Rejoicing In The Steadfast Love Of God

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16 thoughts on “Rejoicing In The Steadfast Love Of God”

  1. Stephen,
    This was a great message filled with truth! Thanks for sharing and I pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate these truths to all those who listen as we as to your own heart. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Unfortunately I could not see it…don’t know if it is because I am in Ecuador or something in my computer…

  3. Thank you Stephen for your inspirational and encouraging words! Your articles and video clips are being used by God to touch the lives of others! The passage from Lamentations is one of my favorite and has been a living reality for me in my 43 years of ministry. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Stephen. Just started watching video, then cut off. Happened 3 times. Sounds really interesting – love the word steadfast. Will try again later. God Bess and thank you so much for sharing God’s Word – Four square on the Bible!

  5. This was a tremendous encouragement. It was also good to see a face with the name. This is the one I’m going to stick in my back pocket so to speak and pull out every once in a while when I need that reminder!

  6. In this time of hardship for us as a family, this message gives me courage and I trust in God’ s faithfulness and mercy!
    Thank you

  7. Wonderful Stephen! Tears began to roll down as i thought about his new mercies attuned for facing each day . As i am passing through a financial difficulty , I am comforted by these verses . I am praying for his new mercies for myself and my family and for all trouble laden people of the World for facing the troubles of each day and to avoid the snares of the devil each day !

  8. Superb explanation of God’s verses of love for comforting humanity ! Could you add a link for each of your message and videos so that I can share it to my friends on Whatsapp ?

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