Profound! How To Be Anxious For NOTHING?

One of the commands I don’t take as seriously as I should is Paul’s exhortation to, “Be anxious for nothing.”

To my shame, I treat it more as a suggestion than command. Sort of like Good Housekeeping-esque tips for better living, which fit right in next to articles like, “45 Tips To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat,” and, “How To Keep Those Pesky Avocados Fresh.”

(Side note: Is it just me or do avocados have a shelf life of approximately six seconds?)

The surrounding verses, which are both staggeringly comforting and incredibly challenging, say:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).

Be Anxious For Nothing? How Is That Possible?

On the surface, this seems like one of those, “Surely, you can’t be serious,” kind of commands.

I mean, anxious for nothing? For NOTHING? In many ways, life is a giant, mottled gray tapestry of worries, anxieties, struggles, and fears.

  • Will I have enough to pay the bills?
  • Will my child recover from this sickness?
  • Will I have enough time to get all my work done and still spend time with the family?
  • Will I need to take care of my parents?

You get the point.

How can anyone possibly be anxious for nothing?

To say that there are lot of opportunities to be anxious and worried is like saying Michael Bay likes the occasional explosion or people on the Keto diet like telling you that they’re on the diet.

Life is absolutely full of temptations to be anxious.

That’s why when Paul says, “Do not be anxious for anything,” my response is often, “Surely, you can’t be serious.”

And yet, Paul (and the Lord) is very serious when he says, “Be anxious for nothing.”

Anxiety, fear, and worry are no small things in God’s eyes. When we’re anxious, we are, in essence, saying that we don’t believe God is able to take care of us. We’re saying that God isn’t powerful or caring enough to meet all our needs and sustain us through all our trials.

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We’re like the Israelites immediately after God freed them from the Egyptians and brought them to the Red Sea. As the Egyptians were bearing down on them, they said:

They said to Moses, “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt?

Even though the Israelites had witnessed God’s staggering power and relentless love, they doubted his care. Even though they had seen him turn the Nile river into blood and kill the first born Egyptian sons, they refused to trust him.

This sent them into a spiral of crushing worry and anxiety.

Of course, this leads to the obvious question: given how many anxieties we face, how can we possibly be anxious for nothing?

Be Anxious For Nothing Through Prayer and Supplication

be anxious for nothing esv

Paul doesn’t call us to some sort of stoic, what will be will be, approach to anxiety. It’s not about keeping calm and carrying on, all the while munching on biscuits slathered in marmite (or whatever it is Brits like to eat).

Instead, Paul presents two solutions that enable us to be anxious for nothing: prayer and supplication.

More specifically, he says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication.” In other words, the only way to be anxious for nothing is to constantly deploy prayer and supplication.

I have to admit that, at least on the surface, this solution seems a tad…I don’t know…simple.

I mean, we all know that prayer is important and that we’re supposed to constantly present our requests to God.

But, come on.

Be anxious for nothing?

Isn’t something more needed than simple prayer and supplication? To quote the brilliant theologian Taylor Swift, “Bandaids won’t fix bullet holes.”

Surely, the bullet holes of anxiety require a bit more than simple prayer.


Again and again in scripture, the cure for worry and anxiety is going to God in prayer. Peter says, “…[cast] all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” How do we cast our crushing cares and fears and anxieties upon the Lord?

How do we unburden ourselves to the point where we aren’t anxious about anything?

Through prayer.

By laying our heavy burdens upon the back of the one who rules and reigns over all things. By bringing all of our fears and worries to the Lord and laying them at his feet.

There’s only one person capable of bearing the burdens presented each day, and it’s not us. When we try to bear all the burdens on our own, we are giving into the lie of self-sufficiency. We are believing that we have sufficient strength to conquer all that we encounter each day. This, of course, is utter lunacy.

Be Anxious For Nothing By Seeking First The Kingdom of God

Jesus puts it this way:

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:31-33).

Jesus commands us not to be anxious and instead tells us to direct our attention and action to seeking God’s kingdom. One of the primary ways that we seek God’s kingdom is through prayer and supplication.

Prayer isn’t a last-ditch resort for when the pressure cooker (or Instapot) is cranked up to 11.

Prayer is a divine invitation from the omnipotent God – the one who sustains all things, the one who keeps the planets from careening into each other, the one who keeps our hearts from blundering into cardiac arrest – to unburden ourselves.

To bring all our cares and anxieties and fears to the King of Kings and lay them at his feet.

To say, “God, I’m not enough, but you are.”

Prayer is a summons from God to be anxious for nothing. 

Prayer is saying to God, “Lord, I am too weak and fragile and scared and unsophisticated to figure everything out. I simply can’t handle all this. I can’t sustain myself, bear my burdens, or be the problem solver. I. Need. You.

In his outstanding book A Praying Life, Paul Miller puts it this way:

anxious for nothing

I love that little phrase, “…the eternal God scrubs floors.”

Be Anxious For Nothing By Asking, Seeking, and Knocking

There is no request or anxiety or need too small (or large) to present to the Lord. He is a good, gracious Father who delights to take care of his children. He invites us to bring all our needs – the tight budget, the scary diagnoses, the exhaustion from the week, the frustrations at work – to him.

There is nothing too small for his care or too large for his sovereign control.

My daughter, Ella, has the somewhat-obnoxious habit of constantly asking for things, even if we just gave her something. If she had cake for dessert, she wants cookies for second dessert. If we just bought her new shoes, she asks for new boots too.

And I’m not always patient or gracious with her. Sometimes I just get plain annoyed.

But I would NEVER want her to stop asking me for things. I’m her dad, and few things make me happier than blessing her. Few things give me more pleasure than meeting her little, 8-year old needs. And if that’s my sinful, grumpy, knock-it-off attitude, imagine what God’s attitude is.

Jesus wants us to have the same attitude as Ella. That’s why he says:

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

How do we be anxious for nothing? We bring every need and worry and anxiety to our Father and lay it at his feet.

But there’s one more thing.

Be Anxious For Nothing Through Faith

There is one more thing required in order to be anxious for nothing. One more ingredient to throw in the “peace that passes understanding” recipe.

That ingredient is faith.

It’s not enough to simply pray to God. If we’re truly going to be anxious for nothing, our prayers must be intertwined with faith.

  • Faith in God’s promises to always provide.
  • Faith in God’s good, generous character.
  • Faith in God’s steadfast love, which will never leave or forsake us.
  • Faith in God’s ability to answer every prayer.

Prayer without faith is like a car without gasoline. It won’t get you anywhere. Frankly, praying without faith is insulting to God.

It’s like when my kids preface a request with, “You’re probably going to say no.” It makes me sad when they say that (unless they’re asking for something truly outlandish, like being able to draw on my car with permanent marker). I love blessing my kids, and when their assumption is that I’ll say, “No,” it hurts.

In James 5:15, when describing the elders of a church praying for a sick person, he says, “And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up.”

It’s the prayer of faith that prompts God to heal a person. It’s the prayer of faith that moves God to meet every need. It’s the prayer of faith that…

…restores a wayward child.
…opens the door for a new job.
…enables you to serve in ways that you don’t like.

When prayer and faith are knit together, God moves and we are able to be anxious for nothing.

In his book Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest, Ed Welch says:

be anxious for nothing kjv

Yes, the command to not be anxious or fearful seems overwhelming. Impossible. Unrealistic.

But if God commands it, he also empowers us to obey.

Life is too complicated and frustrating and confusing to navigate on our own. The burdens are too heavy for us to bear.

The command to be anxious for nothing is really a sweet invitation wrapped in a command. It’s God saying, “Don’t be silly and try to handle all this on your own. Let me take care of the details. I’ve got this.”

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33 thoughts on “Profound! How To Be Anxious For NOTHING?”

  1. Yes!! Every word extremely filling. Like a huge bowl of hot beef stew (homemade) on a cold day, that I asked for & got, but then out comes the Homemade Sourdough loaf ” hot & steamy ” to dip in the gravy like broth, now that was a unexpected surprise I thought I should not ask for but he knew, he knew how happy it would make me, we get those too, all the time. I’m surprised at the most unexpected moments. I need reminding that he loves me more than to the moon and back a zillion times. Thank you Steven Altrogge.

  2. I really loved what you wrote. Philippians 4:6 is one of my ‘go to’ verses. But I realise I often don’t pay enough attention to the prayer and supplication bit. Many thanks for your insights.

  3. Great article and one of my favorite verses! But the one thing that GOD has taught me is this: HE is a good, good FATHER and HE gives us what we NEED, not what we WANT. And sometimes, that means that the answer is “No”. And sometimes the answer is “Wait. Not yet”. And that’s okay. The desire of our heart as born again, HOLY SPIRIT filled Children of GOD should always be “YOUR Will, Oh GOD, be done…not my will”. The peace that comes from knowing that HE is in full control and knows the who, what, when, where, why and how of everything, everywhere and every time is beyond priceless! (And, oh yeah, most of the time the answer is a resounding “YES”!)… The unshakable confidence that comes from knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that our Heavenly FATHER hears every word uttered, every groan made and sees every tear that falls from each and every one of HIS Children keeps me sustained and running the race set before me each and every day. Knowing that HIS incomprehensible love for me is never ending and I will always be HIS eternally is beyond any words, in any language, to describe! Honestly, after 40 years of being HIS, I could not live any other way and would not want to! I do not know how anyone could live apart from HIM. And that, for the most part, is what inspires me to tell others of my faith, belief and hope in JESUS CHRIST! Thank you, again and thanks for allowing me the space to “brag about my Heavenly DAD!”.
    GOD Bless in each and every way!
    Kelly Allen

  4. Dude, dont feel bad, we are Bills fans?
    I have been through the most difficult 2 years of my life. Yet GOD HAS shown HIS incredible Faithfulness and unfathomable creativity in helping my life go on. I still haven’t gotten to the other side of my trial but the closeness I have with my Dad (The Great I am) JESUS the love of my life, and my BFF, The Holy Spirit, is PRICELESS… and so through His faithfulness, and the intangable but never the less for real trust in HIM and complete surrender of myself , I have been truly able to digest and have my body nourished with the beautiful verse “ be anxious for nothing” ??

  5. I wish that I could internalize and apply your wonderful views, but I guess that I’m too weak. Sadly I could REALLY use the boost right about now.

  6. Love everything about this! Thank you for writing this! It also may be a Ella Thing lol my daughter Ella does the same THING!!!!!

  7. Thank you for Always sharing what the Lord inspires you to write.
    This message is Truly a Blessing to ME!!!

    God has given you a unique writing gift with the ability to express your thoughts openly, honestly, and most of all, “real-every day” relatability. I appreciate you. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your family, and use you for His Glory!!


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